I am a mom, a hairdresser, a reiki practitioner, and a passioneur (just one of “my own” words you will be seeing) of many,many, a subject.  I am an avid learner, always interested in information and acquiring new knowledge.

On september 28,2012, at the age of 18 months our daughter was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Our story is beautiful and we wish to share it, our experience, our perspectives ,our successes, and our shortcomings with whoever would like to hear! Our approach is and has been a what I like to call a most natural one.  We have sought and learned from our peers who have traveled the road before us, and continue to expose ourselves to all new and current modalities of treatment  while always remaining open to all alternatives and keep learning in our process along the way.

 We surround ourselves with a community of like-minded individuals and groups inclusive of professionals, families, healers, and community members that are similarly on our journey of discovery of what autism spectrum disorder is, and how we can learn from and about it, and educate and support others to include alternative methods of healing and therapies and be able to lead happier healthier lives.

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